E3 | d/uk 2002 | 3:00 min

director, producer, animator: robert seidel

music: m. engelhardt

E3 (∞, E = eternity, 3 = 3 month) is the first work trying to capture my drawing and painting style into a moving picture. The movie is a 3-month-diary that I created while studying in the UK.

It captures the beginning, with all its enthusiasm, energy and more or less sub-conscious hope that things develop differently in a new space. Followed by the phase were everything slows down to finally result in a complete breakdown into everyday life. This cycle happens over and over again, in all scales, in all relations … sometimes it can be a cozy, pleasant state … while other times it seems like Don Quixote, fighting against windmills …

Reline 2 DVD review by Skynoise | E3 by Robert Seidel is a delicious hybrid of organic and inorganic, morphing and at times sharply mutating the soft curves of a 3 month gouache painting diary, into gorgeous screen pulses of mesmerising shapeshifting. (...) There’s a hazy, mirage-like otherworldliness to this piece, the muted colours and dirty textural noise in constant ebb and flow.

copyright robert seidel 1996 - eternity




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